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Popular Smoke Shop Product Guides

At UNS Wholesale, we provide popular smoke shop product guides to help you find the best smoke product and accessories. After all, the number of smoke products and smoke accessories can be overwhelmingly huge. However, you can make an informed decision when you read smoke shop product guides by knowing the nature of these smoke products and which smoke accessories you actually need.


Pipes are an essential part of one’s smoke accessory in smoke shop product guides. With a wide array of pipes coming in all shapes and sizes, you can enjoy your smoking experience in many ways. They can be taken on the go or given as a gift. They are usually cheaper than other smoking accessories, making them worthy of collecting. They come in many kinds of designs, such as steamrollers, simple spoons, and so on. With versatility for outdoor use, no wonder it’s so popular.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are highly attractive to many smokers out there and are an essential in any smoke shop product guide. This is because they maintain flavor while reducing the heatto provide a smoother hit than pipes. This device is often the go-to for new smokers. It comes in various shapes, enabling you to use the water pipe to bring out your personality. Some water pipes are also made of silicon, so it has a lower chance of breaking, which makes it usable both indoors and outdoors.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are a special kind of water pipe. It’s also known as a concentrate rig. Best for seasoned smokers, they enable one to smoke dense concentrates through water vapor. Dab rigs are highly popular as they offer a very special smoking experience for many. There is a wide range of dab tools, such as quartz nails, dab nails, and honey buckets. Typical dab rigs are made of glass.

Stash Cans

Stash can is a crucial part of a smoker’s inventory and smoke shop product guide. Stash cans enable one to keep their favorite herb so that the flavor and freshness of the smoke can be kept well. Stash cans come in various shapes and sizes, whether you want a conspicuously looking stash can or a stylish one.


Grinders are an important part of a smoker’s equipment. It crumbles the smoke flower to bring out the “good stuff”. By breaking it up into tiny pieces, they accentuate the potency of the smoke. Grinders are available everywhere with a cheaper barrier of entry, making them highly popular.

UNS Wholesale

A good smoke shop product guide features the essential smoke products to enable you to make an informed decision. We provide a smoke shop product guide to help you assess what other smoke products you’re lacking. You can be the smoking veteran with us at UNS Wholesale. Come and enjoy the best smoke shopping experience at UNS Wholesale. Contact us to find out more!

Minimum Wholesale Order is $150.00!