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Misc. Dugouts

Dug Eeze dugouts, or herb boxes, will discreetly fit in your pocket for easy transportation.  Each one includes a one-hitter style bat to make smoking anywhere super convenient.  These American made dugouts are the quality and durability you have been searching for at a price your love.

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    Chillum Dugout Chillum Dugout

    Chillum Dugout

    Dugouts, also known as taster boxes, are a type of box that holds both your tobacco and a one-hitter pipe for smoking it and are the perfect device for beginners and veterans alike. They offer on-the-go convenience as they contain everything you need for...

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    Wooden Blunt Case Wooden Blunt Case

    Wooden Blunt Case

    A sophisticated and stylish way to carry your blunt products for any evening’s activities. It has a discreet appearance, but once you pop the lid it becomes a conversation piece. You’ll love the natural feel and elegant look, and you’ll...