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PACT Act Registration

PACT Act Wholesale Registration


On December 27, 2020, Congress amended the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act to apply to E.N.D.S. (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) products as well as all vaporizer-related products.

In order to continue servicing your business without any interruptions, we are required to gather the following information that is found on this form to be completed and submitted to us.

Please understand that the information we are requesting is a requirement to continue providing our products to you and remain in compliance with the USPS and ATF. Without this necessary information, we will be forced to suspend your account until the information has been provided and approved.

ATTN: You will need copies of your EIN letter, Business/State Tobacco License, And Driver's License or ID in order to complete this form, if applicable. 

We will need this done for each location we ship to. 





The PACT Act and the Jenkins Act are the highest-profile subjects in the vapor industry right now. Basically, any business who is involved in the buying/selling is required to register with the ATF and tobacco tax administrators of the state.  The legislation means massive regulatory changes for manufacturers, but should have fewer impacts on local retails (woot woot!).  Nevertheless, we recommend anyone who is shipping vape accessories - in any quantities at all, to any destinations - discuss the subject with legal counsel.


FOR THE BRICK AND MORTAR RETAILER: The impact of the PACT Act will likely be minimal.  You'll have to register with the company that you're purchasing goods from.  Registering means providing certain documentation like EIN letters, state licenses, and other basic information.  In fact, the PACT Act may actually have a positive impact on retail sales as customers will no longer be able to purchase vaporizers and their accessories online.

FOR THE E-COMMERCE RETAILER:  You will no longer be able to ship vaporizers or their accessories to customers starting April 26, 2021.


Now that the FY Omnibus Appropriations Bill has been passed, the USPS and other major carriers can only ship vape products to licensed distributors starting as soon as April 26, 2021We will be implementing a new policy on April 6, 2021 for all customers looking to purchase our vaporizers and vape accessories. We will no longer ship any vape products via parcel shipments, and instead will send these orders via freight. 

Minimum Wholesale Order is $150.00!