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Most Selling Smoke Shop Products

If you own your smoke shop, you may be wondering which products to stock your business with. Some products are more popular than others, which means that stocking these products can help you increase the overall revenue of your shop. If you have your own shop or are planning to open one and are at a loss of what to stock your smoke shop with, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the most selling smoke shop products you should consider stocking your shop with.

Detox Drink

One of the biggest trends today is detox regimen. Modern smokers yearn for purification as much as they desire pleasure in smoking. Detok drinks stimulate the body cleansing process for an effection detoxification. This process eliminates the toxins in your body.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are sheets of paper that can be used to roll tobacco, or dry herbs for smoking. They come in different sizes and in a range of materials. The adventurous can opt for flavored rolling papers like chocolate, blueberry, and more.


Those who are trying to quit smoking often turn to e-cigarettes. When people use e-cigarettes, they inhale vapors that contain e-liquids instead of smoke. E-liquids contain glycerin, water, nicotine, flavorings, and propylene glycol. These e-cigarettes also come in a wide range of sizes.


Pipes are a popular option to smoke dry herbs, or tobacco. Some types of pipes include chillums, bowl Chibouk, tobacco pipes, and more. Tobacco pipes are one of the most popular options and can be used to smoke dry herbs as well. They are usually made from heather, corn, briar, clay, glass, acrylic, and more.


At times when we can’t afford to sit down and have a long smoking session, dugouts are an abosolute compact solution to ease that crave on-the-go. Users adore the practicality of dugouts. This handy box can hold a one-hitter pipe and their favorite herb. Its variety of pleasing designs are also well-loved by both beginers and seasoned smokers.

Weighing Scale

You will need to use a weighing scale to measure dry herbs before vaping, smoking, or rolling. Basic scales are usually sufficient. The more expensive types of scales are slimmer, have digital controls, and come in various forms like phones, cans, CD cases, and more. This allows it to be concealed easily.

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Minimum Wholesale Order is $150.00!