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eric-grover-uns-wholesale-smoke-shop-distributor-head-shop-novelty-supplies.jpgERIC GROVER

Sales Representative

"Meeting new people and seeing new places is what life is all about."

With over 11 years in this industry Eric has been around long enough to see trends die out and cycle back again.  He has a vast knowledge of smoke shop products and brings with him an impressive love of helping his clients succeed in all they do.  With vast connections in the industry, if there's someone you need to meet, Grover likely knows them.

Grover was born and raised in Ohio, but he has a big love of Kentucky made bourbon.  With the UNS Wholesale office being located near Kentucky's Bourbon Trail, joining our team was a perfect fit.  In his spare time, Grover loves to travel to new places and meet new people.


lou-lublin-uns-wholesale-smoke-shop-distributor-head-shop-novelty-supplies.jpgLOU LUBLIN

Sales Representative

"I will always will be upfront and honest, no bullshit or shady salesman games."

Born and raised in Toledo, OH Lou prides himself on honesty and integrity in a business that sometimes doesn't represent those values.  If you've been in the smoke shop industry for any amount of time you've probably heard Lou's name.  A seasoned veteran, he's been doing this for over 14 years!  

Lou's world came to a screeching halt when his daughter was born last year.  Like many men before him, he never imagined himself as a Dad, but life had other plans and Lou couldn't be more grateful for his little lady.  He's even fully embraced dad jokes in all their glory.  When not hitting the phones and taking orders for UNS Wholesale, Lou also has a thriving real estate business.


keith-sunday-uns-wholesale-smoke-shop-distributor-head-shop-novelty-supplies.jpg KEITH SUNDAY

Senior Account Executive

"Clients are always my first priority!"

If you've been in the smoke shop industry for any amount of time then you've likely met Keith.  He's an OG having been in this business for over 13 years, many of them spent at Glow Industries.  Clients love his easy going personality, his professionalism, and (as he says) his ability to "get shit done!"  Not only does he have the field experience you might be looking for, Keith also has a B.A. in Business.

When Keith isn't killing it taking your orders and helping UNS Wholesale manage business he is usually spending time with his kids (he has three!).  Weekends and evenings he can be found coaching youth sports or maybe playing a round of golf.





chad-wade-uns-wholesale-smoke-shop-distributor-head-shop-novelty-supplies.jpgCHAD WADE

Owner and CEO

Chad is a 36-year businessman from humble beginnings— working his way through a very competitive street environment to the overly saturated retail market of today. Chad has worked to wrap his mind around the complex system of cause and effect that will ultimately shape your business for success!

With the help of friends and family, Chad built a thriving multi-million-dollar retail/wholesale/Youtube empire: Up-N-Smoke, UNS Wholesale, and Chadwadetv. Chad also owns a consulting company, CHADWADETV.COM, where he works with individuals to make their retail ideas come true.

Chad has been able to transform failing businesses on the brink of bankruptcy back to thriving shops that their owners are very proud of once again. Most of all, Chad is a father, a husband, a brother, a son, a friend, and a mentor to those in need. 


brandon-douglas-uns-wholesale-smoke-shop-distributor-head-shop-novelty-supplies.jpgBRANDON DOUGLAS

Operations Manager

Brandon was raised in the Bourbon Capital of the world. He started his career in retail at the very young age of 16. This has given him over 19 years of retail sales experience that he has combined with 16 years of day to day Operations for UNS. 

Brandon has a vast knowledge of products, management, sales, purchasing, and relationship building. He has been able to manage multiple retail locations at once with our own retail shops. 








Minimum Wholesale Order is $150.00!