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How Long Does Shipping Take?

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Posted by Candice Graves, Director of Marketing on Feb 21st 2020

The number one question we get around here is "When will my package be here?"  Understandably so!  Your customers are asking for things and if you can't deliver then they will go somewhere else.  As smoke shop owners ourselves, we know the competition is real.

UNS Wholesale's warehouse office is literally 10 minutes from the UPS World Hub, and only a hop and a skip away from a major arm of Fed Ex.  What does this mean to you?  Fast shipping, dude!  That means you can continue to be shop owner extraordinaire.

From the moment your order is placed our warehouse staff starts picking and organizing your order.  Usually we are able to get orders out same day.  Most of our customers will get one to two day shipping.  Some west of Texas may have three day shipping times.  Check out this handy map that can visually show you: